There are currently 3 places with accommodation in the park, which are the Park Headquarter (Gate), Mac lake (near the gate) and Park Center (Bong). Depending on tour itinerary and time or the demand, visitor can choose one of these. 

I. Area 1: Park Headquarters (hotel near gate).

Where launching point for all activities in the park such as by the entrance ticket, arrange local guides, start with all tours as night-spotting, kayaking, cycling, rental bikes, traditional music performances, biking trips and park information available.

Eating & Drinks:
Restaurant (vegetarians catered for), Souvenir and Snack Shop, Sports Facilities.

Accommodation Facilities:
a/ Modern rooms: en-suite, hot water, TV, air-con/fan: $16-27/room 1-2 pax.
b/ Stilt house: separate bathroom, hot water, fan: $7pp/1-2 pax.

Guides, music performances, conference room, laundry, transportation, bike rentals and itineraries are available at the tourism office.

II. Area 2: Mac Lake Bungalow.

The 20km paved road linking Headquarters with the Park Center is stunning, whether you walk it, cycle it or drive it. Lodging is also available at the quiet and serene Mac Lake, 2km from Park door.

fan, en-suite bathroom, with hot water: $23 - $27/2 pax.

Eating & Drinks:
Restaurant near by with Vietnamese foods is main & some soft drinks.

III. Area 3: Park Center (Bong sub-station).

Bong is about the furthest you can get from civilization. Spend a night encircled by primary rain forest, without giving up those creature comforts.

Restaurant, Souvenir Shop and Snacks.
Accommodations (electricity available evenings only).

a/ Bong Stilt house: Basic, separate bathroom, no hot water: $8 single, $15 twin.

b/ Bong bungalow: En-suite bathroom, hot water, air-con: $23 - $27/2 pax.


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