Kenh Ga hotspring resort

Kenh Ga Hot Springs ResortAddress: Kenh Ga hamlet, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.

Kenh Ga mineral water is a source of salty mineral water has been detected from the French, the water appears to many circuits over an area several hundred meters in diameter . The main circuit called Vung Soi located in Hoang Long right bank river

at the confluence Nho Quan and Hoang Long river. Kenh Ga mineral water has high mineral content, high temperature always stable at 53° C is very good for the treatment, rehabilitation, digestive stimulant, diuretic, and cure the diseases of joints…

Recognizing the valuable characteristics of Kenh Ga hot mineral water , was supported by the Ninh Binh province, Viet-Thai commercial tourism joint stock company has been receiving source mineral water from the military, construction and put into exploitation the Eco tourism hot mineral water in here. About 90km away from Hanoi, sitting on cars less than 2 hours is up the Kenh Ga ecotourism hot mineral water in Kenh Ga hamlet, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. Kenh Ga resort located at special space on the island with Hoang Long dreamlike river flowing around.

With a team of skilled chefs , service staffs very caring , thoughtful, Spring Water Restaurant restaurant will serve you the specialties dishes of this place only customers can enjoy .

With a staff of skilled chefs, staffs serving extremely enthusiastic, thoughtful, Spring Water Restaurant will serve you the special dishes that arrive here you can enjoy. If overnight here, visitors can stay in the stilt- houses or hotels, Guests can do their evening becomes exciting with camp fire with the scented baking dish or complex vocal expression, these steps are absolutely swordsmanship in Karaoke room.

Kenh Ga ecotourism hot mineral water resort pleased and look forward to welcome visitors !

Restaurant services

Coming to Kenh Ga resort, you are not only immersed in the romantic landscape, charming tranquility of the countryside but also enjoy many local specialties . With spacious grounds, spacious, harmonious layout, staff enthusiasm, caring, will surely make you satisfied.

Hotel and stilt-house services

We have the system standard 3 stars hotel with all the rooms are wide, airy, beautiful, equipped with full amenities such as TVs, refrigerators, TV cab air conditioning, ...Especially the hotel rooms all have balcony, windows, so from here you can observe, watching the scenery around, You want the holidays truly rustic, close to nature, we have the system of collective and family rooms in here. The Collective stilt-house rooms can accommodate up to 60 people will be the right option for you, students on vacation. With the reception staff polite, enthusiastic, thoughtful sure to make you satisfied in those days here.

Pool - spa, bath services

All the tiredness will disappear after you soak yourself in the hot mineral water swimming pool of about 40 degrees. Hot mineral water permeates the body will do you have difficult acry sensations. You can relax on the bamboo bed around the swimming pool to feel this feeling or switch to cold mineral water swimming pool about 26 degrees, only about 5 minutes after feeling the heat of mineral water to vanish, you will feel immediately the effect "magic " of Kenh Ga mineral water.

If you want a private space, quiet. You can soak into medicinal bathing area. With this system wood soaking tubs, are designed in Japanese style put in separate bathroom. adjust hot liking, staff serving will help blending the kind of medicines, flavouring into tub.

We are always looking forward to you coming here to enjoy the magic of special Kenh Ga mineral water.

Massage services

Massage area at the foot of the mountains with lots of greenery around feeling discreet, cool, massage rooms with cool air conditioning with massage staffs enthusiastic and professional will bring to Mr. and Ladies moments of relaxation, dispel all fatigue, anxiety .

Karaoke services.

Karaoke rooms can contain up to 100 wide, modern sound system with a lot of prevalent songs will bring you together with family, friends, and the period of time really playful, cheery.

Campfire, Gala, dancing

If the guests want to organize workshops, buffet, burning fire camp or dance, you can safely assigned to us. With staffs of professional, enthusiastic service will bring you unforgettable memories.

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