Cuc Phuong Mineral Water Zone

Cuc Phuong Mineral Water ZoneAddress: Ky Phu commune, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh.

Cuc Phuong mineral water is a source of mineral water that was made from old limestone cavity on the moutain slopes Triat, water spraying up constantly accompanied by bubbles spray up into batches of 25-30 seconds of each other, with a flow of about 10lit / s, The temperature stability of about 350C. Water is transparent, type component is Bicarbonate Manhe.

Effective prevention and treatment of diseases such as: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, conditioning some parts of digestive, nutritional and metabolic... Also can be bottled as a treatment beverage.

Tourists go to Cuc Phuong to mix with the natural world, listen to the forest, explore the enduring vitality of the trees for thousands of years old, sleep together from plants, reversion to the original point where also kept the living remnants of the Vietnamese ancient.

Coming to Cuc Phuong is also a chance for visitors to rest, relax, immersed in the transparent water, enjoy the feeling of hypnosis, dispel the tired of the work day stress…

Cuc Phuong bath services with hot mineral water bath services, physiotherapy services, massage, sauna, restaurant , hotel with staffs of young , beautiful, more experiences, enthusiastic, thoughtful always ready to satisfy tourists.

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